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[autogeek 365] - Wax On Wax Off Pack

RM 37.44

[autogeek 365] - Wax On Wax Off Pack

We created this amazing pack specially for those who wants the best waxing and buffing off accessories for your favorite car wax. The wax-on applicator fits firmly on your hand and it's microfiber wrap pile holds your wax on the surface, enable you to pamper your paintwork effortlessly. The Wax-Off microfiber towel folds and fit firmly on the palm of your hand to give it an even buff off experience.

Each pack features:

1. Posh Care Wax-On Microfiber Applicator Pad - 5 inch diameter each / 12.7 cm diameter each x 2 pc

2. Posh Care Wax-Off Microfiber Detailing Cloth - 40cm x 40cm x 2pc