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Armor All 78501 Shine Butter Wax 16.9oz

RM 37.90

Enjoying Armor All® protection and shine has never been easier. Just turn to Ultra Shine Butter Smooth Wax for incredible results with effortless application. This premium formula spreads like warm butter, and it won’t leave white residue behind. No drying time (hazing) needed between steps. Protecting agents create fierce water beading action and help prevent dirt and grime from binding to your paint. So you can enjoy the benefits of traditional car wax—without most of the problems associated with them.

- Maximum protection with no buffing required
- Easy to apply, no drying time (hazing) needed
- All-weather protection
- Helps prevent dirt and grime from binding to paint
- Safe for all automotive finishes

1. Shake well.
2. For best results, apply to a clean, cool surface. Dispense a small amount onto a terry cloth or microfiber towel.
3. Spread evenly on surface.
4. Then use a clean section of the towel for the final wipe. No drying time (hazing) required between steps.