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Turtle Wax® ICE™ Shine Lock Sealant

RM 159.90

This revolutionary product is the easiet way to protect your car. Just wipe on and walk away....that's it! The super concentrated formula delivers 100% actives to all exterior surfaces, including glass windshields. Includes a proprietary 3-layer applicator & microfiber towel for a streak-free results. Smart Shield Technology protects the clear coat for all four season.



Q: What is a Sealant?

A: Sealant chemistry uses next-generation technology to protect your car all four seasons. The fast-acting polymers instantly bond to your car's paint and cure on the surface, creating an ultra-durable layer of protection. The advanced interlocking polymers of Shine Lock Sealant are engineered to lock in the shine.

Q: When and why should I use Sealant?

A: Every car owner has their own regiment for car care. We recommend using Sealant at least once a year to give your car the most advanced protection against fading, oxidation, and scratching. To maximize the surface bonding, clean & smooth the paint before using. A proper surface preparation is vital for a long-lasting durability protection.

Q: What is Smart Shield Technology?

A: The chemist at Turtle Wax developed interlocking polymers that work together to build layers of shine & protection. Each product is formulated with the most advanced technology to deliver superior results. Even better when you use multiple Smart Shield products within the system, the result amplify for an unbeatable shine and protection!