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Posh Care Wheel Spoke Brush

RM 36.90

Posh Care Wheel Spoke Brush is another advanced tool made for car enthusiast. It's soft rubber edge tip prevents scratching your expensive wheels and it's bend-able brush allows the easiest access to hard to reach areas. 


  • Strong and flexible for cleaning hard to reach areas
  • Long bristles loose and remove brake dust, dirt and grime
  • Light weight with a soft grip handle for ultimate control
  • Bends to get behind spokes

How to clean your wheels:

  1. Use recommended wheel cleaning product
  2. Wait for wheel to cool down before washing
  3. Spray / Mist On wheel cleaning product
  4. Brush with Posh Care Wheel Spoke Brush
  5. Bend the brush if needed, to clean spokes behind your wheel
  6. Rinse to clean off dirt and grime from spoke brush before washing another wheel

Care Instructions

  • Rinse with clean water and store wheel spoke brush at cool area.