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[autogeek 365] - Posh Care Wash & Dry Pack

RM 59.84

[autogeek 365] - Posh Care Wash & Dry Pack

We created this amazing pack specially for those who wants the best wash & dry accessories for your favorite car wash solution / shampoo. The wash mitt fits firmly on your hand and it's thick microfiber pile provides the plushest experience while pampering your paintwork. The dual-sided wash mitt also holds more washing solution and protects your hand from sharp edges that might hurt your car. The drying towel is super absorbent and it's thick plush pile ensure it never scratch your delicate shinny paint surface.

Each pack features:

1. Posh Care Plush Wash Mitt - 1 pc

2. Posh Care Water Gone Drying Towel - 60cm x 60cm x 1pc