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Stoner More Shine Tire Coating 12 oz

RM 45.90

Achieve a showroom, satin shine in seconds!

More Shine Tire Finish Spray is a pump spray version of Stoner’s popular More Shine aerosol. In just seconds, More Shine Tire Finish Spray restores a deep, dark, satin finish to tires. Just spray and walk away! More Shine Tire Finish leaves an even sheen on dry tires.

More Shine Tire Finish Spray requires no wiping! Just spray the tire and allow it to dry. In seconds, the rubber will appear darker with a classy, satin finish.

More Shine Tire Finish contains no petroleum distillates. These additives are dust magnets and they brown the tires over time. More Shine Tire Finish Spray is safe and beneficial to your tires. It has strong UV protection to shield the rubber.

More Shine Tire Finish Spray will not streak or sling! Once it has cured, More Shine Tire Finish Spray stays right where you put it. If overspray occurs during application, simply wipe it off.

Preclean the tires and allow them to dry before applying More Shine Tire Finish Spray for the best results. Spray each tire and allow time for them to dry before driving. That’s it!

Give your tires more shine in less time with More Shine Tire Finish Spray!

  • No rubbing or wiping Just spray and walk away Doesn't foam, drip or streak
  • Lasts longer because it contains no water or surfactants (soaps) that evaporate and wash off easily with water
  • Repels water and waterborne dirt - Shines 4 tires in 60 seconds
  • Used by professional detailers for over 30 years Lets you control the finish -- spray a light coating for a soft matte finish or a heavy coating for a bright, shiny finish
  • Contains NO surfactants or water so it lasts longer on tires