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Stoner MSLT More Shine Less Time Interior Protectant 9 oz

RM 42.90

Complete your detailing job with just the right shine on interior surfaces.

Here's the FAST and EASY way to restore shine and color to dull or faded rubber, vinyl and plastic surfaces. Stoner® More Shine Less Time Interior Shine Spray quickly brightens and protects dashboards, door panels, gearshift boots, vents, seats, hoses, door gaskets and other surfaces damaged by sunlight and wear.

This shine spray reduces dust build-up and won't run or streak. Best of all, if you accidentally get it on glass it wipes off easily without smearing!

For the best results on the dash, spray Stoner More Shine Less Time on a microfiber applicator and then wipe it onto the dash. This technique will prevent overspray. If overspray does occur, don’t worry. It’s harmless. Just wipe off unintended surfaces with a towel.

Stoner More Shine Less Time leaves a high gloss shine on interior plastic, rubber, and vinyl. Proprietary High-Active™ formula quickly coats surfaces with a thin, even, shiny coat of protection. NO buffing or wiping is required. Just spray and walk away!

  • Quickly applies to hard-to-reach areas such as air vents, shift boots, and air dams with no messy drips or streak
  • Restores color and brilliance to dull or faded plastic, vinyl, and rubber surfaces
  • It even hides ugly white wax marks on black exterior trim and works to protect against damage from sunlight, UV rays and air pollution
  • Needs no rubbing or wiping, just spray and walk away